Tuesday, November 15, 2011

new shop, new look

 Hello all- I've been a busy bee working on a new Etsy shop which I started last week. I've been changing the look of  things around here as well. I'll still be posting vintage recipes and ads, as well as shop updates and other vintage finds. In the meantime, here is a random ad I found in a 1933 magazine for Crayola Crayons. Notice it's marketed to women for use in craft projects like lamp shades and curtains!
Anyone ever tried any of these craft projects? :)


Valerie said...

Crystal, I love your new look! I am really excited to see what you have here on your blog in the days ahead:) Here's wishing you a whole lot of success with your new shop too!! Now I'm off to order my Stencil Pattern Kit:)

Zinnia Ridge said...

Ha! I should order one too-"they're so simple a child can use them!"

~The Bargain Babe said...

Your new shop looks great, love all the pretty clothing items.

Funny that Crayola was first marketed to women! I do love to color honestly. :)

Serendipity Handmade said...

I've never seen the Crayola craft project ad before -- that does look interesting and I'd love to see some finished projects. Funny that crayons weren't just for for children then!

The new look of your blog is great and I'm heading over to check out your new Etsy shop (and add you to my circle!).