Tuesday, December 20, 2011

1930s quilt project

I recently finished my second quilting effort. When I learned from my grandmother a few years ago, I chose a standard nine patch for my starter quilt. For this one, I chose a 1930s pattern from the Kansas City Star series called 'Weathervane.' I used 1930s feedsack reproduction fabrics in various shades of pink. I'm so glad to get it finished and really like how it turned out:

Depression era quilts are particularly interesting to me because the women who created them had so little to work with. An excellent video on 1930s quilts can be found here. It's filled with pictures and stories- including information on the scandalous 1933 Chicago World's Fair quilt competition!


chasing lightning bugs said...

your quilt is beautiful. absolutely gorgeous. i'm a little obsessed with 1930s quilts. tiny scraps that build something functional and beautiful....it's really quite wonderful. and i always think about my grandmother when i'm making quilts.

~The Bargain Babe said...

I wondered how your quilt was coming! All done!

Stunning. You are quite the quilter. :)

Zinnia Ridge said...

Thanks guys! I enjoyed making this quilt, but by the end I was a little tired of cutting and piecing triangles. So my next one is a log cabin-nothing but rectangles and a square! :)

Valerie said...

Crystal-your quilt is absolutely breath taking! Well done!! I know those women who quilted long ago would be so proud of you:)