Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fruit Tea Punch - 1926

Drain 2 cups Del Monte Fruits for Salad (fruit cocktail) and cut fruit in small pieces. Pour 1 quart boiling water over 3 tablespoons Ceylon tea and steep 5 minutes. Strain and cool, adding 3 tablespoons sugar, 3 slices lemon, 6 cloves and syrup drained from fruit. When thoroughly chilled pour over fruit in glasses and garnish with a sprig of mint. This amount serves about 15 persons.

Source: The Del Monte Fruit Book, copyright 1926, California Packing Corporation, San Francisco, CA


Valerie said...

Crystal-this is an interesting recipe! I would never have thought of using fruit cocktail this way-but on a hot day I think it would be good. I also like the way fruit cocktail was also called "Fruits for Salad." I didn't realize it had been around for so long:)

Leah said...

I love vintage cookbooks and magazine.. love this stuff. And I see you're a fellow Etsy seller!

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james said...

Amazing blog I like it!!

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