Thursday, March 24, 2011

Macaroni Milanaise - 1920s

1/2 package macaroni
1 can tomatoes (or fresh ones in proportion)

1 bay leaf
1 blade mace
1/2 cup grated cheese
1 slice onion
1 stalk celery

3 cloves

Pinch of soda

2 level Tablespoons butter

2 level Tablespoons Kingsford's Cornstarch

1 cup bread crumbs mixed with
1 rounding Tablespoon butter, melted

Break macaroni into inch lengths and drop in salted boiling water. Cook till tender, and drain. Season tomatoes with bay leaf, mace, onion, celery, cloves, and soda, and cook twenty minutes. Melt butter and stir into the cornstarch, season with salt and paprika, and gradually add tomato pulp. Cook till thickened. When cool, add cheese. Lay the macaroni and the sauce layer for layer in buttered baking pan. Put crumbs over them, and bake in moderate oven till crumbs are browned. Serve hot.

Recipe taken from: Corn Products Cook Book by Emma Churchman Hewitt, 1920s

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